• Matthew 24:14

    “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.”

  • 10 Oct. – 16 Dec. 2021: Therapy Training

    Are you gifted to care for people in a tangible way? If yes, Herghelia Mission School is a good place to start. You will learn about the human body, Swedish massage techniques, hydrotherapy and participate in different lifestyle sessions in order to see what the simple principles of a NEW START Program™ can do.

  • 10 Jan. – 07 Mar. 2021: Plant Based Cooking

    Exchange monotony in the kitchen for enthusiasm and satisfaction as you learn to prepare healthy and amazingly appetizing dishes, debunking the theory that the plant-based diet only consists of raw carrots and spinach. During the eight weeks, you will gain a solid basic knowledge of the theory behind healthy cooking, with plenty of practice.

  • 07 Mar. – 29 Apr. 2021: Spring Gardening

    Every society depends on good farming but the farmer doesn’t depend on others as long as he is self-sustainable. If you read and desire to respond to the ever-urgent appeal “Get out of cities!”, you know that you really need to learn the secrets of farming and gardening, and start your own project.

  • 13 Jun. – 22 Aug. 2021: Health Coaching

    So many people are sick, and the situation is just getting worst. Many of them are willing to change, if only there were someone who could show them how and what and why. If you have people skills, working one on one is what you like, this training is for you.

  • 10 Oct. ’21 – 21 Aug. ’22: Full Training

    You want to learn about how to work for the LORD, and how to serve sin-sick or physically sick people? You would like to dedicate one year of your life to learning about medical missionary work? If your answer is yes, Herghelia Mission School is the place where you can start.


Welcome to Herghelia Mission School, the place that can offer you a new experience in your walk with God. As followers of Christ, we believe that His example should guide our lives; so, what is the example He gave us? The answer lies in the assertion made by David Livingstone: "God had only one Son, and He was a missionary.” Therefore, we are all called to be missionaries, walking in His footsteps to become like Him. Through all the activities at our school, we want to help our students to develop physically, intellectually and spiritually in order to be more effective in the work of winning souls for the Kingdom of God. We invite you to set aside special time with God and we assure you that, by God’s grace, the years to follow, will never be same! Maranatha! Our Lord is coming soon!

10 Months Medical Missionary Training

General Outline: Our program is primarily focused on a full 10 months training, which is composed of the four modules below. If for any reason you cannot be part of the whole course, you can apply for one or more modules, according to your preferences. If you attend only some of them, you will join the group of students who came for the full 10 months training.




10 Oct. - 16 Dec. 2021





Spiritual Classes




10 Jan. - 07 Mar. 2021

Introduction to Nutrition

Cooking Classes

Little Chefs' Academy

AMiCUS Cuisine

Spiritual Classes




07 Mar. - 29 Apr. 2021

Theoretical Training

Greenhouse Farming

Field Crop Farming

Hands On Experience

Spiritual Classes




13 Jun. - 22 Aug. 2021

Public Speaking

Health Coach

Health Expo

Health Camp

Spiritual Classes



11 Oct. '20 - 22 Aug. '21

Therapy Training

Plant Based Cooking

Spring Gardening

Health Coaching

Mission Trips

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